Companies Of El Nemr Group:

 El Nemr General Contracting Co. – (N.G.C. – Egypt) :

El Nemr Group was formed by Dr. Mostafa El Nemr, who established El Nemr Company for General Contracting (N.G.C. – Egypt). This company has undertaken large engineering construction projects to become one of the leading private sector engineering and construction companies in Egypt.

The main activities of the company are construction, engineering services, industrial and real estate investments.

N.G.C. offers turnkey engineering and construction projects in Egypt. A large measure of its

success has come from its use of advanced machinery, superior services and flexible management style with long term vision. While the operations team ensures that N.G.C. employs the right people, equipment and management systems to tackle the most difficult jobs. Over the years, N.G.C. has focused on large, complex and demanding projects and has earned a reputation in the Egyptian market for making things happen, on schedule and at competitive prices. N.G.C. is classified as an “A” class contractor in the field of construction of all types of projects and all related components.

The Company’s activities had expanded to cover the Gulf Region through establishing the following Companies:

Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. ( Abu Dhabi – U.A.E. )

 Achieving efficient, economical and fast construction is our main concern. Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. was established in 1992 as one of the most prominent contracting companies in the Gulf. The Company obtained unlimited Grade “A” contracting license . Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. , has been growing tremendously in the last few years, having executed large projects in a very short time with high quality and competitive prices which has given the company great advantage amongst its competitors. The compliance with the international building standards and new technologies have been instrumental in completing our projects on time and meeting its budget. Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. provides all services relating to the projects under one roof. The services include surveying, planning, constructing and handing over a functional building and providing maintenance services thereafter.

Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. has got a fleet of modern sophisticated equipments for taking up projects such as:

  • Housing and Administrative buildings
  • Civil works for roads, sewerage, water, … etc.
  • Water tanks and electromechanical works.
  • Tourist villages.
  • Hospitals.
  • Infra structures projects.
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Villas
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Abu-Dhabi Municipality Markets Complex
  • Mosques
  • Commercial and Residential Towers
  • Government Buildings .

We have performed work throughout the Gulf Region (Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain and Sultanate of Oman, The Middle East ( Lebanon) and North Africa ( Morocco) with the objective of delivering quality construction on time, stressing teamwork and integrity. These attributes have been the basis for our success.

El Nemr Group Of Companies have integrated a new division for the Electro-Mechanical works which is specialized in the following fields of construction:

  • Central H.V.A.C.
  • Ultra – low voltage electrical installations.
  • Plumbing, drainage and sanitation.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • L.V. electrical lighting and power installations.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Turnkey diesel engine power stations comprising the power houses and control rooms.

El Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. – Abu-Dhabi has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000

Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. (Al Ain – U.A.E.)

In 2001 the company has established El Nemr Gulf Contracting Co. Al-Ain, UAE branch (Under the Abu-Dhabi’s management team).

Al-Ain branch has undertaken projects which are under execution:

  • Al-Ain Educational Zone Building.
  • Purchasing and Services Departments (Public Works)
  • Schools.

Nemr Emirates Contracting Company LTD (Sharjah – U.A.E)

Nemr Emirates Contracting Company LTD was established in 1997 to play a major role in the construction revolution that has been taking place in the UAE in the last decade and obtained unlimited Grade “A” contracting license.

Nemr Emirates Contracting Co. has executed several projects some of them are:

  • Commercial Towers
  • Residential buildings
  • Mosques
  • Hotels
  • Villas
  • Government buildings, etc.

The team at Nemr Emirates has an abundance if construction experience and expertise. Therefore to achieve excellent results we ensure to hire highly qualified people and provide them with safe working environment and advanced sophisticated equipments.

The company has maintained and continues to implement a Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000.

Nemr Emirates Contracting Company ( Dubai – U.A.E.)

Nemr Emirates Contracting Company was formed in 1997 where its main motto was to undertake huge projects, which would leave good reference in the UAE. Nemr Emirates Contracting Company obtained unlimited Grade “A” contracting license and is currently executing huge projects in the Dubai’s center, which will be considered as a landmark of Dubai.

Some of these projects are:

  • Hotels.
  • Residential Buildings.
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Commercial Towers .
  • Villas.
  • Government Buildings.
  • Mosques.
  • Show Rooms.

The above mentioned projects are executed using the latest science in design and architecture in addition to new techniques to shorten the construction period without affecting the quality of work. All of the construction companies that are members of the group are ranked as Class “A” contracting in the UAE and are licensed to construct multi-storied building.

The company has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of the following standard EN ISO 9001:2000.

El Nemr Group For Real Estate Development ( Casablanca – Morocco).

El Nemr Group for Real Estate Development is a real estate development and investment company with the focus on land development, commercial and mixed used development projects in Morocco. El Nemr Group is also committed to the development of affordable and low cost housing.


- Misr El Fayoum Company for Food Industries.

The company was formed in 1997 as an Egyptian joint stock company for producing and staging agriculture products.The main purpose of the company is the production of all types of tomato products and Fruit Juices.


- Rive Gauche for Tourists Villages.

The company was formed in 1999 as an Egyptian join stock company building hotels in Sinai. The main purpose of the company is to own and sell land, build, lease, tourist villages and to provide technical advice for the construction of tourist villages, hotels and financial lease.


- The Arabian Company for Financial Lease

The company was established in 1999. The main purpose of the company is financial lease and it has the right to own land for the purpose of the construction and sale of real estate for all purposes.

- El Nemr for International Trade.

The company was established in 1999. The target of the company is to export and import all types of commodities and products. Moreover, the company has the right to practice the occupations of commercial agents and marketing and distribution of all local and foreign commodities and products.

- Consultant company for Computers.

The company was established in 1995 as an Egyptian joint stock company for import and export of computers.


- The United Company for Agricultural Development.

The company was formed in 1999. The purpose of the company is the agriculture development, reclamation of land and developing animal wealth and poultry industry.

El Nemr Group of Companies is also a major shareholder in the following companies:

  • Cairo Clinic Hospitals.
  • Suez Canal Company Real Estate Investment and Development.
  • Sun Rise Fund Management Investment.
  • Sun Rise Real Estate Investments.
  • Egyptian African Company for Exports and Imports.
  • El Fayoum Valley for Textiles.
  • Egyptian Anglo Company for Fund Investments.
  • Solitaire for Building Materials Company.


El Nemr Group is heading towards the 21 st Century with a solid background, an eminent history and an open mind for new technologies. El Nemr Group is committed to its leadership in the industry by increasing its research and development budget. New technologies, services and tactics are our objective for the years to come.El Nemr Group develops a long-term relationship with its clients through consistent quality service and support.

Our Ultimate goal is to SATISFY our clients.


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